Blistering summer weather is the enemy of any woman wishing to look beautiful. Sunburn, blemishes, lack of moisture and further problems all appear during this season. Are you ready to withstand the weather? A wonderful whitening agent series is already here for you!

Active Whitening Moisturiser can form a protective layer on the surface of the skin to hold in moisture. It also has UV protection to preveut skin damage coused by strong sualioet. Whitening agent helps to fode dark piymeuts and eveus skin tone. Active Whitening Moisturiser also accelerates oxygen absorption of the cells, causing cell regeneration. Skin flexibility and glossiness is restored during the whitening process, making skin appear soft and bright.
STANDARD: 1.02 fl.oz.e 30ml
RMB 330
Main Ingredients
LEX unique whitening formula
Vitamin C – blemish whitening
LEX exclusive, patented bio-extraction technology™ extracted high purity placenta extract – anti-aging activation
Active Whitening Moisturiser, has UV protection to prevent skin damage caused by strong sunlight. Whitening agent helps to accelerates oxygen absorption of the cells, making skin appear soft and bright.
Use in the morning after cleasing the face apply a thin veil of ACTIVE WHITENING MOISTURISER on the face and neck.