No matter how stuffy the summer time is, moisturising needs to make you feel fresh and cool. Choose a summer protection product that gives your skin the best of both worlds, a product that makes you feel cheerful, relaxed and close to your skin! Help your skin maintain coolness and replenish sufficient moisture content. Remove the burden of summer skincare!

Placenta Cream Full Day Moisture contains the purest grade of lanolin. The best hand-picked extractions of pure natural Aloe Vera were used to formulate a compound more suited to young Asian skin. It’s absorbed in the blink of an eye, effectively containing the moisture content between the skin cells, arousing the moisturising function of the deeper cells, and balancing the skins moisture content. Furthermore, Placenta Cream Full Day Moisture can prevent pimples, reduce fever and stop itching. Tenderness and whiteness of the skin will also be maintained while also relaxing and reinstating skin after being exposed to the sun. If used for a long period of time it can cure hypersensitive and dry skin, restoring it to a state of health. A combination of Australian lanolin and plant placenta extract can nourish the deep layers of the skin by perfecting the balance of moisture content. Squalene in the compound will help to maintaining healthy skin by reducing oxidisation, repairing skin texture.
STANDARD: 3.4 fl.oz.e 100g
RMB 260
Main Ingredients
Australia LEX exclusive ultra-high purity lanolin – delicate & soft
Plant placenta extract – improves skin quality
Squalene – re
Natural Australian Aloe Vera extract – fresh moisture supplement
Pure natural Aloe Vera extractions and moisture content help the skin to maintain tenderness and whiteness.
After cleansing, apply a thin veil of PLACENTA CREAM FULL DAY MOISTURE on the face and neck. Can be used daily.